lunes, 19 de septiembre de 2011

Once upon a time...WARSZAWA

Con vuestro permiso, esta entrada la voy a (intentar) hacer en inglés, esperando me lean my erasmus friends. (Como sé que sois todos unos flojos, os dejo una pequeña ayuda:

Uff...I don't know why I said it, now I have to do it in english...KURWA!!
Ok, let start from here: KURWA. Kurwa? What does it means? Curve in spanish, and bitch/fuck/shit/son of a bitch (kurwa masz) and more "beautifull words" that my mom don't let me say, in english. The pronunciation is really easy, just /curva/ (spanish) or /coorva/ (maybe english). Don't forget to emphasize in the "r" and "v" sound when your anger level is max. Something like: KURRRRRRRRRWWWWAAAAAAA!!! (watch out for spitting at the front)
Have you already learn it? Yes? So welcome to Polish language.
The same happened to me one year ago (exactly one year). I was "welcomed" to polish language learning this word. Well...actually not only this word, also something like: "Cobacho! Lubisz Żubrówka?", to what I should answer "Oczywiście ja lubię Żubrówka!" (at least now I'd say that for sure). I miss you so much Szymon! But don't worry, you'll say me: ¡Cobacho cabrón! a lot of times in Valencia.

One year it seems day before yesterday, when I met Rafa Nadal in Baraja's airport, and said me:
- Hey! Are you going to Warsaw?
- Woh!! Rafa Nadal is talkgin to me! Yes, I'm going there!
- NO, Rafa Nadal no, I'm Fran...
And, of course, first Remont beer-party after three hot days in Warsaw (yes, there are also hot days in Poland...unbelievable!), well, to be honest, I don't remember so much that party, like almost 30% of parties in Poland. But c'mon! Who can say that remember aaaaall their erasmus parties? I've been with you "partying", dear erasmus friends, and I can tell you: NO ONE OF YOU CAN DO IT!! It's totally impossible.

I said day before yesterday because I still remember yesterday: farewell party to another guy who's going to Poland, Wrocław exactly. I hope his year will be as good, drunk, travelling, and meeting fucking good people as has been mine. Because people (I love literal translations from spanish), the Erasmus live, is to live (still loving literal translations from spanish).

And now, to put an end to this, many things to remember that will make you smile for sure:
Remont, Żywiec or Warka, Park and Królewskie, CAVALO-VACA! (puto Hugo!), Pole Mokotowskie (and its pub tours! of course), spanish/basque people being late (like aaalways), unpronounceable names: kamieniołomy, Dworzec Gdański, sorry, the last one was easy; THE LOVELY OLD TOWN AND SZAWA, THE WARRIOR MERMADE! hahaha; my barbeque in Kabaty forest and Wisła beach, ESN parties: "PIWO, WÓDA, POLIBUDA, SEKS, MUZYKA, POLITECHNIKA!" (What do you say about that? =p), and, OF-CO-UR-SE: STAWKI PARTIES!

Yes, I know I left a lot of things and people back, but I don't want to write hole week. And I know everyone of you can remember all year with just one word: ERASMUS WARSZAWA 2010/11. Ok, not one but THREE WORDS...

This post, is for all of you who "suffered" this experience with me, and hope to see you in a future, I miss you!!

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  1. Jajaja muy buena Cobacho!!!

    Ese primer martes en Remont fue aquel día que te querían llevar por el aire los porteros, no? JAJAJA

  2. I've understood everything my little. I can feel the same nowadays and it was two years ago...
    I love Erasmo de Rotterdam the inventor of Erasmus!! xD