viernes, 25 de octubre de 2013

White skinyy girl.

Her eyes.
Her smile.

No one begged for it,
no one prayed for it,
but me.

I wonder how long I could be loving.
I wonder how long I could be living.
I wonder what would happen
if she would be leaving.

And you,
crazy white skinny girl,
don't you realize how I feel
don't you realize what I've been.
Waiting for you.

And that's my silent shout.
That's the only way my voice
could be, unfortunately,
telling you that, this...

This is not for love.
This is not for sex.
This is just another way to feel.
Just another way to need.

To need you,
to hear you,
to feel you,
to you,
to me.

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